Kenneth D. “Ken” Marshall, Jr. died unexpectedly at the age of 33 on Thursday, November 25, 2010 in the line of duty while responding to a call for the Rehoboth Fire Department. Born in Attleboro, a son of Kenneth D. & Rhonda (Wetherell) Marshall, Sr., Kenneth was the husband of Bethany (Saleeba) Marshall. Ken was employed by the J. H. Lynch Company for the last seven years as a heavy equipment operator. Mr. Marshall was a lifelong Rehoboth resident and a graduate of Dighton – Rehoboth Regional High School. He was a third generation call volunteer firefighter for the town of Rehoboth Fire Department, stationed at station # 2. He previously was an EMT and was a member of the Local 57. He loved spending time with his family, especially his children, who meant the world to him. He also enjoyed hunting, fishing, and watching NASCAR. Besides his wife and parents, he is survived by a son, Trevor Marshall, and a daughter, Brianna Marshall, both at home. He also leaves a brother, Jonathon and his wife Caitlin Marshall of Attleboro, and three nephews. He was the paternal grandson of Richard & Barbara (Bora) Marshall, and the great-grandson of Clair Marshall of Norton, and the maternal grandson of George Wetherell, the retired Deputy Chief of the Rehoboth Fire Department, and the late Lorraine (Johnson) Wetherell. He was the grandson-in-law of Henry & Barbara Sidok and Diane and Raymond Saleeba, and the son-in-law of Joseph Saleeba and Cynthia Saleeba and her husband Dale McCaughey, and the brother-in-law of Mathew and his wife Angie Saleeba, Michael & Jan Saleeba, and Mark Saleeba, and also Danielle Saleeba. He was also survived by many aunts, uncles, and cousins. He was the brother of the late Christopher Marshall.

FUND FOR THE MARSHALL CHILDREN:  A fund has been established for

Ken’s two young children, Trevor and Brianna.  Donations may be directed to: 

The Marshall Childrens Fund, P.O. Box 7201, Cumberland, Rhode Island  02864.





Words cannot express the deep sadness we feel. Kenny was a dear friend to my family, and though I am far, far away from Rehoboth, me and my family are thinking of him. Kenny was a kind friend loved by so many, and his life was cut far too short. Sending peace and strength to Beth, Brianna, Trevor, Ken, Rhonda, Jon and the entire Marshall family. May all the wonderful memories of Ken and the countless lives he touched help you through these darkest hours. Much love and aloha from the Pouliot family.  Jennifer (Benoit) Pouliot

We had the pleasure of knowing Kenny through school and recently as our daughters are in dance together. Such a tragic loss of a sweet soul. We hope your thoughts are filled with sweet memories and we send many prayers to you and your family Bethany. God Bless.  Phil and Angela (Lemieux) Tavares

I had the good fortune of graduating high school with Ken. He was such a sweet soul. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Marshall family.  Gina (Marsella) Smith

Kenny . . . well I knew him as little Kenny . . . (even though he grew up to be such a tall big man, so much bigger than me ) such happy memories of growing up on Walnut St with the Marshalls little Kenny and Jonathan across the street.  Oh God, how can this be happening?  My heart breaks for all of you. Wanted you to know that your family is in my prayers . I am sure Kenny will be watching over you all. Watching his children grow. He grew up to be a wonderful man /son/husband and father  . . . and so many people will miss him daily.  God Bless. 

Melanie  (Bernardino) Lindley

My thoughts and prayers are with the Marshall family at this most difficult time.  Steven Howitt

I have never met Ken but I know him.  My father started his Fire Fighting career next door in Norton as a volunteer on Engine 3 and the Rescue Squad. He worked his full time job and dedicated the rest of his life to helping people.  I grew up surrounded by men like Ken and their families. We did everything together and  supported each other. Unlike any other profession fire fighters develop a bond that is unmatched.  When a fire fighter is lost we all lose a member of our family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and with Ken's family. Rest assured you are not alone in your grief.  David J. Ferguson

We are deeply saddened by the loss of a wonderful son, loving husband, and father. And for being such a great friend to all he knew. We will miss you!  Barbara, Andrew Jr. and Aaron Prata

I am so sorry for the loss of Kenny. He was such a great person. I have never seen a man love his family more than he did. I will miss him at the Kids Day fireworks at my moms house. All my love to his family and friends. He will be forever missed.  Jen, Kimber, Kayla, Amber and Evan

Our heartfelt sympathy at this tragic loss. We understand full well the impact of this tragedy and will be here whenever you need us. There are no words, but you are in our prayers and thoughts.   Mike Burgess and Anne Rogers

Though I have not met the family, Ken will be deeply missed, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  James McCarthy

We will miss him and never forget.  Ian Crawford

Bethany, I worked with you years ago at Benefit Concepts. I was so sad to hear of your and your children’s loss.  I know this is heartbreaking for you and no words will console. But I'm sure there are lots of prayers being said for you and your family. I'm very sorry.  Helen Oliveira

Our hearts are so saddened by your tragic loss. One of the good guys has left us and our lives are darker for it. You are in our prayers.  We miss you already Kenny.  Josseline, Andrew Sr., Andrew Jr. and Aaron Prata

I worked with Ken when he worked for my brother's company. I think he was only 18 or so at the time. I nicknamed him "Cherub" because he used to work so hard, his cheeks would turn bright red, and he looked almost angelic. He was always smiling and a great-natured person and never seemed to let anything bother him. I knew back then what a great man he would turn out to be. I know that no words can take away your pain, but I believe in my heart that he is up there, somewhere, helping someone and will always be watching over you.   Jay Main

So very sorry to hear of your loss. May God bless you and your family.  Lynda Bubier Bixler

Ken was a great guy. He loved his family, had a great sense of humor and was always willing to pitch in and help others. I remember this past Fourth of July when there was a swimmer who nearly drowned. When he saw the ambulance, Ken didn't hesitate to run down the street to see if he could assist. That was the type of guy he was, and that's how I will remember him, trying to live by the example he set. We'll miss you Ken.  David and Jocelyn Charpentier

My heart goes out to you all. I was so sad to read about the death of your husband, father. I pray that the good Lord gives you the strength and peace to get through the difficult days ahead. Kenneth will be with you always, in your hearts and in all the wonderful memories you've shared. I'm sure that he will watch over all of you from above.  God bless you all.  Donna M. Canuel

Our sympathy and condolences.  Rickes Associates

As a kid in the neighborhood and playing at the station, Kenny made life more fun. As a man, he lived his life serving, protecting and loving his family and community. He will be missed. So sorry for your loss.  Becca (Parker) Barros

A great man was taken from this world much too soon. Kenny you always be in our hearts. You were a great father,husband,friend,son, and godfather. You always put everyone else before yourself with no question. We were all blessed to have you in our lives and you memory will live on forever. We love you and miss you very much. I love you and miss you Uncle Kenny, Love your god daughter Cassidy.  Bridget Gobin and Cassidy Gobin

We were saddened to hear of the loss of your beloved son, and we pray that the memories of 33 years together sustain you in the days ahead. May the combined prayers of many lift you at this most difficult time.  Ron and Teri Hornung

Condolences from the Heap family. Jeffrey Heap

Our deepest sympathy.  Jamie and Jennifer Kozioi

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ken's family,friends,and his extended firefighter family. There is no doubt that you will be missed.  Chief David E. Bowden (retired)

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the Marshall Family. Even though I grew up in the Walnut Street neighborhood I didn't actually meet Kenny until we worked together at Land Tek in the 1990's. We nicknamed him Sparky because there were two others named Kenny and because he was a firefighter it seemed to fit. Kenny was a good sport about it. I remember Kenny as a nice and friendly person. It is an awful tragedy and I am truly sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in Peace Sparky, you will be missed.

Chrissie Griffin

Kenny, Words can't express how I feel about this, you are gone too soon!! You were the best neighbor anyone could ask for completely kind, unselfish, and willing to help in a moments without even asking. Always there for my Mom. I have many stories to remember you by and will never forget you. Your big smile will be missed. Rest in Peace my friend!!!!  Scott Lake

Our deepest condolences to the whole family. An incredible loss to the family and community. We will be with all of you as we would be there for Ken.
RIP Our Fallin' Brother.  Special Signal Fire Association

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Beth and the entire family at this time. May the happy memories live forever and may god help you get through the pain and sorrow at this time. If you need anything please let us know. So sorry for your loss.  Alissa Greene

A firefighters gloves hold many things, from elderly arms to a kid’s broken swing.  From the hands they shake and the backs they pat, to the tiny claw marks of another treed cat.  At 2 am they are filled with the chrome from the DWI who was on her way home, and the equipment they use to roll back the dash from a family of 6 she involved in the crash. The brush rakes in Spring wear the palms out, when the wind does a "90" to fill them with doubt. The thumb of the glove wipes the sweat from the brow of the face of a firefighter who mutters "what now.”  They hold inch and a halves flowing one twenty five so the ones going in, come back out alive. When the regulator goes; then there isn't too much, but the bypass valve they eagerly clutch. The rescue equipment, the ropes, the C-collars; the lives that they save never measured in dollars are the obvious things firefighters gloves hold or, so that is what I've been always told. But there are other things firefighters gloves touch. Those are the things we all need so much. They hold back the rage on that 3 am call, they hold in the fear when you're lost in a hall. They hold back the pity, agony, sorrow They hold in the desire to "do it tomorrow.”  A glove's just a glove till it's on firefighters who work all day long just to pull an allnighter. And into the fray they charge without fear at the sound of a "Help" they think that they hear. When firefighters hands go into the glove it's a firefighter who always fills it with love. Sometimes the sorrow is too much to bear and it seeps the glove and burns deep "in there". Off comes the gloves when the call is done and into the pocket until the next run. The hands become lonely and cold for a bit and shake just a little thinking of it. And they sit there so red-eyed with their gloves in their coats.The tears come so fast that the furniture floats. They're not so brave now their hands they can't hide. I guess it just means that they're human inside. And though some are paid and others are not, the gloves feel the same when it's cold or it's hot. To someone you're helping to just get along. When you fill them with love, you always feel strong. And so when I go on my final big ride, I hope to have my gloves by my side, to show to St. Peter at that heavenly gate cause as everyone knows firefighters don't wait.  New England Water Search & Rescue Association

Our members thoughts and prayers are with you and your extended circle of friends and fellow firefighters during this very difficult time. Please know that we are here to help you in any way we can and that Ken's commitment to be there to help others will always be remembered.  Attleboro Firefighters Local 848

So very sorry for your loss.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.  Rick Gobin and Family

Kenny will always hold a special place in my heart..may he rest in peace now. My deepest condolences to Beth and the kids. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall and Jonathan. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Kelly Faria (Anderson)

My thoughts & prayers are with you in this time of sorrow. May God Bless you all.  Raymond Roy

We are so very sorry for your loss. Kenny's spirit will live on forever in the hearts of all that new and loved him. May he rest in Peace now and Forever.
Love you all.  Ken and Marsha Baker

My deepest sympathy to you on your loss. Donald A. Bowden

We are so sorry for your loss. I know words, though heart felt can not fill the loss in your family. Thank you for the generations of sacrifice you families have made to protect and serve us in the community. We pray that the lord and the power of prayer will bring you strength you need,with the love and bond you share as a family will bring you through this . You are in our thoughts and prayers Our deepest sympathy and love.Ed and Cheryl Tomasso and family

Kenny, I had the pleasure of working with you for many years also was able to call you a friend. You were such an awesome husband, father, brother, firefighter, EMT, friend.  I could go on and on. I have never heard a bad word said about you!! Everyone is pulling so much closer together. We will be here for your family whatever they may need. Rest in peace my friend, we have the watch from here!!  Allyson Chemelowski

This is such a shock. Ken was a "brother" to John and the other firefighters of Station 2 and will be sorely missed. Our deepest condolences to Bethany and the children. God Bless you and your family.  John and Lori Leydon

Kenny was such a wonderful person and we were so lucky to know him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you at this difficult time.  Ken and Lori Anderson

My heart goes out to all of you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I never knew Kenny, but have heard how he was a great dad, husband, friend and firefighter. I am also the sister of a LT. and daughter of retired fire chief in Plainville, MA. My whole family has you all in our prayer's. God Bless.  Kim Jillson

Truly one of the nicest men I've ever met. You will be missed by your family, friends and all those kids you've shown a fire truck to for the first time. If more people were as tame and kind as you were, the world would be a better place. God bless you, Beth, your kids and family.  Peter Pimentel

As a sister firefighter, I would like to say my thoughts and prayers are with the Marshall family. When a brother and sister firefighter passes we all hurt all over the world. I never met Ken but I'm sure he was a great man and sadly going to be missed. RIP brother. Christine Goodwin

We were long times friends before you became my brother in-law. The memories that we shared has friends/ brother in-law was very special to me. Be the angel you are!  Jan Saleeba

I am so sorry for your loss. I went to school with Kenny, he was a great guy. He will be missed!! I will keep his family in my thoughts and prayers to help them in this tough time.  Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.  Stephanie Nolan

Kenny was a remarkable young man whose love and smile touched all those who knew him. I will always keep his memory alive in me. You as his family will continue to be in my prayers.  Pam, Jerry, Becky & Jason

A true hero. Best brother-in-law anyone could ever ask for, great uncle, wonderful husband and amazing dad. Love you Kenny, you'll be in my heart forever.  Danielle Saleeba

Rest in peace, good and faithful servant. You gave your life selflessly serving others. Our prayers are with the Marshall, Wetherell, and Saleeba families as well as with your brothers and sisters on the Rehoboth Fire Department.  Rev. Charles K. Soule

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Marshall family during this very difficult time. We watched Kenny grow into a fine young man.  The Cole Family

As a retired Call Firefighter on the Seekonk Fire Dept. I am sorry to hear of the passing of Kenneth D. Marshall. My condolences go out to his family, and his extended family in the Rehoboth Fire Dept. May you always remember all of the good deeds that he did, and all of the joy that he brought to everyone that he touched. Rest in peace fellow Firefighter.  Paul MacPherson

We watched you grow from a boy to a young man to a wonderful husband and father. We especially enjoyed each time you and your whole family came over to watch the "Kids Day" fireworks and the big BBQ we all had. Then we couldn’t wait for the next one. I know you will make them especially bright in the years to come when we watch them in your honor. Love you man. 

Russ and Donna Smith

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ken's family and friends during this difficult time. The Lord and his angels have welcomed you into Heaven, Ken. You will be missed. 

Lori Peixoto and Family

God bless you & your family. I will miss our conversations and the sound of your Nextel every time I pulled in the yard. Rest in peace my friend.  Richard at RMS Trucking

The pictures you shared with me of your children will always be a tribute of the kind of Dad you were. Rest in Peace.  Rene Neveux

OUR deepest sympathy to you on your loss. WE are praying that God will make you all strong together as you go forward in the days/years ahead. May God welcome Ken into his arms.   Raymond Dexter/Norman Hamel

To Clair and family I'm so sorry to hear about your loss you will be in my thoughts and prayers at this sad time your neighbor.   Michele

Ken, I was blessed to have known. You were such unbelievable Father, Son, Husband, Friend, and Upstanding member of our community! You will be forever in my heart!
To The Marshall Family: My heart aches for your loss! You must be so PROUD to say he was your Son Brother Husband and Father! We will all see him when its our time. xoxo God Bless!  Sarah Smith Carter

R.I.P. Ken. We all miss you. This was way to soon.  Cliff Smith

My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. May God bless and keep you by his side at this time of sorrow.  Laura Ashcroft

Our prayers and thoughts are with all of the family during this most difficult time. May the happy memories, which we know are many, help you all through the coming days. Kenny was a good man and loved and respected by many.  Hope and Doug Walsh

Kenny, We will never forget the good man that you were. You will live on in our hearts. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and leaving us with such beautiful memories!  Rest In Peace . . . we will miss you.  Frank and Linda Lawn

Your smile and your quiet way. A "Daddy" not simply a father. A friend that I could count on for anything, including dragging a 500 pound stove out of our basement. My big brother from the moment you carried a bloodied Jonathan onto our porch and introduced yourself. Playing glow in the dark ball in the basement and tag in the yard. Calling me Crash, Crunch and Mickey simply to poke fun. Rocking on the front porch with Melanie because you were both little old people in children bodies, just shooting the breeze. Buying a baby a go-cart because that just seemed appropriate. For these and a million other memories I will be forever grateful. Know that we will watch over your wife and your babies as I know you will watch over us. I love you. Michelle Cannata  

December 3, 2010     Taunton Daily Gazette

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December 3, 2010     Attleboro Sun Chronicle

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